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  • Mobile Success Story: The Container Store
    The Container Store partnered with MicroStrategy to build a mobile app for their store leadership teams that provides them with information such as sales recaps, payroll performance, and trend reports. Store managers are now able to compare sales per payroll hour to customer-facing payroll hours so they can better manage personnel hours and their stores. Rea […]
  • The Book of Wisdom: 5 Essentials for Delivering Personalized Experiences
    With this complimentary Sitecore Exclusive you'll learn how to:Move beyond the hype to harness the power of personalization technologies to go beyond reacting to a customer's last visit  -  proactively shape the  visit that's happening nowFactor in the 5 most important litmus tests  -  select a personalization solution around strategic busines […]
  • Empower Your Store Associates with Mobile Apps
    MicroStrategy Mobile apps enable retailers to deliver a dramatically better shopping experience and achieve new levels of customer loyalty, sales, and operational efficiency.Request Free!